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forrelsket-deactivated20121029 said: I sent you a message before, but I just want to let you know again how wonderful your blog is. I'm moving in a few days and I really want a a big atlas on my wall. Do you know where I can buy really vintage-y ones? (Even astrological maps).

Oh, thank you, once again! It’s so lovely to hear! As for where to buy vintage maps, it depends a little on whether you want them to be authentic or reprints. eBay sometimes has some astounding bargains, especially when sellers auction off “lots” of maps, look up keywords like “vintage maps”, and ask for the seller if it’s an original or reprint, if you’re worried authenticity, even if the listing says “vintage” that can sometimes mean a reprint of a vintage map. Etsy is another site you could try.

For new maps and reprints there’s sites like, though you may want to use these sites, more so, for browsing and then look for the title of a map elsewhere. For instance, I have a celestial map that I bought from eBay, an original for $0.75, whereas, a reprint from would of cost me $30.00. If you have a large budget, in that case you could go to antique map dealers who will have some vintage maps, as well.

Another idea, if you feel comfortable doing so, is asking any older relatives and so forth, if they might have any vintage maps if their attics, basements, and the likes, that you could have. This may uncover up some interesting maps, like old local maps, that you wouldn’t find online.

Of course, there are many more options out there, but the above ones recommended, are ones I have experience with. Hope this helps! 

travellinganachronism said: Your blog is amazing <3 I love featuring your posts on my blog as yours served as much inspiration <3

Oh, that’s immensely wonderful to hear! Heartfelt thanks to you! 

mutualassureddistraction said: Hi, I like your tumblr so much! My favourite map collection is "Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection" (cannot give you the link, damn), may be you know it yet. Cheers

I’m glad to hear you like it, thank you! No, I’m not familiar with the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. Thanks for the recommendation!

mapsandshhtuff said: Where do you get all the maps you post?

Wherever I can. The maps here have been collected from dozens and dozens of resources, however, I’ve found the best resources to be map dealers, university libraries, and Wikimedia Commons. Antique maps are pretty plentiful about the internet, as they’re considered public domain by law.

pluracy said: Your Blog is quite literally my favourite thing on Tumblr, if not the entire internet.

Oh, wow. I’m honored to have encouragement this infectious and followers as wonderful as you. Thank you a million! 

flashingmonsignor said: I hope you can forgive the current reblogathon going on here, by me, of this beautifully exellent page of yours!?

Of course I can! Never a need to beg forgivness for reblogging. Thank you kindly, by the way! 

hornofplenty said: Your blog is truly unique, absolutely love it!

Thank you kindly, I’m quite delighted you think so! 

forrelsket-deactivated20121029 said: Your blog is officially my favorite. I've been searching everywhere for a blog like yours, to be honest.
Have a lovely day c:

Oh, wow. This is so lovely, thank you kindly! Your blog is a beauty.