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dansparce said: Would you have any recommendations for books about cartography or that arent about cartography, but have gorgeous maps?

I’ve listed a few books on the new resources page. Of these four, I’d recommend Blaeu, Atlas Maior if you’re strictly interested in antique maps (and are a fan of Joan Blaeu’s cartographic work), and Maps: Finding Our Place In The World, if you’re interested in maps spanning the eras, as well as, extensive text focused on cartography. If you’re interested, more so, in contemporary, avant-garde, or maps in the abstract vein then look into books like The Map as Art or From Here To There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association. 

fifthstarter said: The mention of drawing the British Isles from memory reminds me - have you seen Al Franken draw a map of the US freehand? There are videos of it on YouTube, it's quite impressive!

I hadn’t, and it’s pretty amazing! For intrigued readers, go here

odonnell-nelson said: Hi - thanks for sharing your maps! Are you aware of the BBC prog 'The Beauty of Maps'? It has been broadcast a couple of times now on British T.V. As far as I am aware it is not available outside of the UK, but there are some rips on youtube if you do a search. I am lucky enough to have near HD quality copies on my hard-drive. I've loved maps since an early age, I used to have competitions with my best friend as to who good draw the best map of the British Isles - missing no islands!

Oh, it’s my pleasure! I hadn’t heard of The Beauty of Maps, perhaps some British followers already know of it? If not, I’m publishing this so fellow cartography lovers can look into it (as will I). That’s so cute that you and your best friend had map drawing competitions as kids, and it’s wonderful that your fondness for maps has pervailed through the years!  

leafall1995 said: HI! I really enjoy looking through your tumblr blog. I thought it was creative and Unique to have a whole blog dedication to your collections of maps. I always like looking through map here. Maybe becasue one day I want to travel the world. I have a request, could you post maps of the middle east (Palestine) if you dont already have one.

Thank you so much! Maps definitely encourage wanderlust (as it happens, I detested geography as a child, and it wasn’t until I began traveling the world, that suddenly studying geography and looking at maps was enthralling). Here is the Palestine tag, though there’s only a couple there, I believe there may be some others of areas within Palestine that simply weren’t tagged “Palestine”. That being said, I will keep my eyes peeled for new additions! 

solastyear said: Starting to blog again after being gone for awhile. I was checking out the "Spotlight" for history and found your blog. I am in love. Every kind of map you can think of is on my wall. Great blog <3

Excellent, I’m glad you found me, and thank you! Your wall papered with maps sounds lovely. Would love to see a photograph of it, if you happen to have one lying about. 

jasonecohen said: Hello hello. I have a peculiar question, I suppose -- what's your view of (do you have a view of?) navigational maps, charts, and the bodies of water you find in cartography? I'm actually developing a project on this question, so I'm completely being selfish about the question at the same time that I would love to hear what you think. Alternatively, if you have favorite provocateur maps featuring water, I would delight to know. Cheers.

Bashful confession: I am blindly in love and possess an affection for maps that is almost purely aesthetic. I am not particularly, or formally, educated in cartographic studies, and so, the filter I look at navigational maps, charts, and bodies of water in them, is no different than the one I use to view the rest of maps and aspects of maps. Apologies I can’t be of more assistance! 

dodochido said: Awesome blog! were do you find all the images of the maps? Could you post some of Scandinavia

Yes, I will keep an eye out for striking maps of Scandinavia. As for the sources of the maps I post, please see my earlier answer to this question here. I’m so glad you like the blog, thank you! 

you-are-the-diamonds-deactivate said: hi, do you know any blogs that post satellite pictures of countries? thanks :)

No, I’m afraid I don’t. However, if anyone else reading this knows of one, it’d be lovely if you replied to this, with the link, or message it to if yousee-eva. 

cheerlesss said: Dear Ms King, I have recently come upon your tumblr and would like to register my astonishment at discovering a fellow twenty-something who displays such taste and class. I commend your admittedly rare taste in the beauty and rich history of cartography and look forward to all that you post. -Adrienne

Oh wow, why, thank you! I’m tickled pink! Wonderful to have someone as sophisticated as you, as a follower.