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What maps do you have on your walls, if any?

In my bedroom, I have a 1971 ethnolinguistic map of Africa, as well as, a 1971 celestial map, a street map of Manhattan and a hand-drawn artists’ map of Manhattan, a world map, and a 1992 map of Europe. 

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  1. onesmallsecond answered: a interrail map for europe
  2. mapsandshhtuff answered: I just have a basic world map that covers the entire wall over my desk as well as a globe that was in my room since I can remember.
  3. pluracy answered: A beautiful medieval map of Italy that I picked up at the Vatican, in which the halls of maps is one of the greatest places I’ve ever seen.
  4. bendybendy answered: Got a 1930s school map of the USA, rolls up like a slide screen. Greatest extent of the USA’ian empire, with Phillipines and Panama on insets
  5. kathleenelaine answered: A 1651 map of the world, a 1900s map of Paris and a 2007 map of Lake cowichan BC
  6. flashingmonsignor answered: A reproduction OS map of my hometown circa 1890 (with - sadly, by myself - my ancestors former estate and extend of lands marked out)
  7. everywhere-art answered: i have a world map from, i believe, a national geographic from a couple years ago. :)
  8. hrtbps answered: A Chinese world map, which splits the world along the Atlantic and places itself at the centre. Lovely to see.
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