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leafall1995 said: HI! I really enjoy looking through your tumblr blog. I thought it was creative and Unique to have a whole blog dedication to your collections of maps. I always like looking through map here. Maybe becasue one day I want to travel the world. I have a request, could you post maps of the middle east (Palestine) if you dont already have one.

Thank you so much! Maps definitely encourage wanderlust (as it happens, I detested geography as a child, and it wasn’t until I began traveling the world, that suddenly studying geography and looking at maps was enthralling). Here is the Palestine tag, though there’s only a couple there, I believe there may be some others of areas within Palestine that simply weren’t tagged “Palestine”. That being said, I will keep my eyes peeled for new additions! 

solastyear said: Starting to blog again after being gone for awhile. I was checking out the "Spotlight" for history and found your blog. I am in love. Every kind of map you can think of is on my wall. Great blog <3

Excellent, I’m glad you found me, and thank you! Your wall papered with maps sounds lovely. Would love to see a photograph of it, if you happen to have one lying about. 

jasonecohen said: Hello hello. I have a peculiar question, I suppose -- what's your view of (do you have a view of?) navigational maps, charts, and the bodies of water you find in cartography? I'm actually developing a project on this question, so I'm completely being selfish about the question at the same time that I would love to hear what you think. Alternatively, if you have favorite provocateur maps featuring water, I would delight to know. Cheers.

Bashful confession: I am blindly in love and possess an affection for maps that is almost purely aesthetic. I am not particularly, or formally, educated in cartographic studies, and so, the filter I look at navigational maps, charts, and bodies of water in them, is no different than the one I use to view the rest of maps and aspects of maps. Apologies I can’t be of more assistance!