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fifthstarter said: The mention of drawing the British Isles from memory reminds me - have you seen Al Franken draw a map of the US freehand? There are videos of it on YouTube, it's quite impressive!

I hadn’t, and it’s pretty amazing! For intrigued readers, go here

odonnell-nelson said: Hi - thanks for sharing your maps! Are you aware of the BBC prog 'The Beauty of Maps'? It has been broadcast a couple of times now on British T.V. As far as I am aware it is not available outside of the UK, but there are some rips on youtube if you do a search. I am lucky enough to have near HD quality copies on my hard-drive. I've loved maps since an early age, I used to have competitions with my best friend as to who good draw the best map of the British Isles - missing no islands!

Oh, it’s my pleasure! I hadn’t heard of The Beauty of Maps, perhaps some British followers already know of it? If not, I’m publishing this so fellow cartography lovers can look into it (as will I). That’s so cute that you and your best friend had map drawing competitions as kids, and it’s wonderful that your fondness for maps has pervailed through the years!