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truthofmasks said: This is a gift idea, which you might want to incorporate on this site in some way. A lot of times, thrift stores and stationery stores - especially those closing down - will have topographical maps from the U.S. Geological Survey for a really low price. They're great to use as wrapping paper, cut up and make envelopes out of, frame, use to bind booklets, or as backing for pictures. I used some as backing for coin and stamp collections, for example, and have tons left over.

Thanks for the tip! Will see about including this under resources, meanwhile, publishing this for readers’ awareness. 

2 years ago

dansparce said: Would you have any recommendations for books about cartography or that arent about cartography, but have gorgeous maps?

I’ve listed a few books on the new resources page. Of these four, I’d recommend Blaeu, Atlas Maior if you’re strictly interested in antique maps (and are a fan of Joan Blaeu’s cartographic work), and Maps: Finding Our Place In The World, if you’re interested in maps spanning the eras, as well as, extensive text focused on cartography. If you’re interested, more so, in contemporary, avant-garde, or maps in the abstract vein then look into books like The Map as Art or From Here To There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association. 

Cartography books, gift ideas, and more!

I’ve began developing a new page for The Cartography Collective, featuring some resources (more to come), like cartography books, and also, located off site, there are products and gift ideas, for cartophiles and geography enthusiasts, here. A fledging collage for now, but it will grow!