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Susanna-Cole King, sculptor of words, nomad and nonconformist, explorer and raconteur, 21 years young. 

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The Cartography Collective began with a habit of saving the beautiful maps I found traipsing about the web, to a folder on my computer. Eventually, this folder became hearty and fat, stuffed full of maps, and I thought it’d be lovely to have them displayed via a blog, and thus, in February 2011, The Cartography Collective (originally just Cartography, a rather bland, but to the point, name) was born. 

Please know that I am neither a studied cartographer or a master of cartography, nor am I the most knowledgeable about maps, I merely have a deep appreciation for them. Mistakes are made, and I sometimes solely rely on the information provided by the source of the map, which I’ve found is not always correct. Apologies for any errors, regarding the mapmaker, year, location, and so forth. I aim for accuracy, but do not always obtain it. Feel free to message me about any mishaps, in the map info, you may have noted. 

Heartfelt thanks to all followers for your wonderfulness.